Saturday, December 20, 2008


It's funny, but it doesn't feel like Christmas to me unless there are decorations up. At my house we usually don't get the tree decorated until a couple days before Christmas. One year I think we decorated the tree Christmas Eve. This year is no different. We have the tree sitting in our dining room, undecorated and still in the wrapping we bought it in. It's hard to coordinate 8 schedules so that everyone can help decorate the tree. Why is it that the decorations make it seem more like a holiday? I have no idea. At school I have had my Christmas decorations up for a long time, and it felt like Christmas. Thank goodness Christmas isn't dependent upon decorations and a feeling, but celebrating Jesus' birthday. Interestingly enough though, Jesus wasn't born in December. He was born sometime in March. Christmas was established by the Roman Catholic Church to counteract the Winter Solstice (a holiday that deals in evil). Just an interesting fact. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Above all else: Love said...

heyyy ! I lost your number =( or misplaced it at my house....

but i wanted to wish you a merry christmas. give me a call when you see this.

looove you. xoxo
hope it was a good christmas