Monday, December 1, 2008


God is power, authority, ever present help in need, etc. But the one part of God that I can't seem to understand and maybe accept fully, is God the lover. It seems weird that God can romance us. Over the last couple days, or weeks, I've been contemplating how God could romance me. I've asked for it, but I can't tell whether He really is or not. The other day it hit me, maybe I won't be able to tell when God is romancing me until there is a man here on Earth who will show me what romancing is. All of the girls I know that have experienced God romancing them have had or are in a relationship with a guy. In some way they have been romanced by a physical male. I understand that God doesn't romance us the way a human would; He has His own way of romancing each of us, I just can't see what it is yet. He will romance me differently than when He romances my friends or sisters because each of our hearts are different. It just seems interesting that I haven't met someone yet who hasn't been in any relationship with a guy that is romanced by God. I don't know. Maybe I just need to open my eyes and see the things that make me happy is how God romances me. But I want so much more than just being 'happy'. I want to know without a doubt when God romances me that it is from Him specifically for me. I want it to be special, something secret between me and Him that no one else will be able to pick up on. All I need to do is keep asking Him to show me, because one day I will be able to tell when God is showing me a secret.

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