Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Fears

The Dark
The woods
Getting lost
Growing up
Crabs, sharks
Horror movies
Being rebellious
Being vulnerable
Having short hair
Being in a relationship
Ferocious wild animals
Messing my children up
Living in VT my whole life
That I will give up on God
My faith isn’t strong enough
Dying before I’ve been kissed
Being a doubter my whole life
Giving up Christianity for a guy
Being in debt the rest of my life
God not coming through for me
Spending the rest of my life alone
Failing in my relationship with God
Being eaten by a bear, lion, tiger, etc
Not knowing what is going to happen
That I won’t make a difference in the world
Never being free of the things I struggle with
That I won’t be able to travel and see the world
Not being loved by a guy/ never meeting Mr. Right
Becoming obese/ being unable to control my weight
The ocean and any body of water that I can’t see the bottom
Not being able to hold myself back physically in a relationship

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