Saturday, October 25, 2008


For years I’ve listened,
To the lies of Satan.
I’m fat.
I’m worthless.
I’ll never lose weight.
I will always be alone.
I’m a bother to others.
My sins are unforgivable.
No one will ever want me.
I’m not pretty and never will be.
I’m a doubter and always will be.
People don’t really want to hear about me.
I am ugly and look like a boy with short hair.
I won’t ever hear God talking to me/ guiding me.
God doesn’t care/ He doesn’t love me, how could He?
I have to accomplish things myself, because God will never do it.
But no more, I don’t want to believe the lies any longer.
God take these lies, and turn them around.
It’s time to start the healing.

You do guide me otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am in life.
I don’t need to take control, because You are in control.
People do want to hear about me and how I’m doing.
There is someone out there who will want me.
I won’t ever be alone, because You are here.
Who cares how short or long your hair is.
My sins are forgiven, and forgotten.
I can lose the weight.
I am pretty as I am.
I’m not a bother.
I’m worthy.
God, help me
To never believe the lies again.