Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Praise be the Lord, He has given me a new job. It will pay everything I need except rent, which I don't have to pay with grandma. Four more days, that's it. They can't come fast enough.

As much as I know this is going to be a  hundred times better than the job I currently have, I am still nervous I made the wrong choice. There is still that doubt at times of "what if I dislike this job as well?". I don't think I can handle not loving the work I do yet again. There was only one thing I aspired to as a kid concerning a job - loving the work I do regardless of the finances. I know this new job will be way better than the last. I get to play with babies all day! So why is this fear still there about making the right choice? I don't want to doubt the path God has for me and whether I'm actually following it or not. Hmmm...more on this later maybe.

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