Friday, January 13, 2012

Hidden No More

High in the hills lies a cave.
Hidden in the landscape,
Common in appearance,
Yet holding something of importance.
Clandestine are kept deep within.
Darkness surrounds them,
Attempting to hide what needs the light.
Three guards stand at the entrance stand in sight,
Keeping the secrets in, and others out.
Shimtsah, Ga`avah, and Deilia
Keep watch day and night.
Though few in quantity,
They are strong and relentless.
Refusing to back down,
Threats are thrown around.
Their weapons sharply tipped,
Piercing through they tear and rip
Those who try to free the mystery.
For too long they have ruled. 
For too long they have fooled
Passerby into leaving with naught.
Only wounds have been caught.
No more.
Gather your armor and your sword,
Your army behind and your shield before.
This can't be hidden any more.
Shimtsah begone,
You have no place here.
Ga`avah your words mean nothing anymore.
Deilia your hold is no longer strong.
There will be suffering to pay,
But freedom will arrive along the way.
Triumph will come,
Light will shine in the deepest core.
The clandestine will be hidden no more.

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Jia Ying Ng said...

ohmigosh, thats fantastic :)