Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I was sitting in class today, when one of the girls in my class started sharing a story about a nightmare she had last night; it was about the engagement ring she has been hoping to get. In her dream, her boyfriend had given her a small diamond ring (like the size of a stud earring) that she said had a red ring around the diamond. She laughed about it and then said, "but seriously, if he gives me that small a ring in real life, I will say no". I turned to her and said "really?!" She went on to explain that she was dead serious and that she wouldn't accept anything less than a 2 karat, princess cut, in a white gold band ring. This is not the first time I've heard a girl say this, but none of them, until now, have been so specific about what they will accept. What has happened to the world? Is love no longer important to get married, but the type of ring will decide whether you decide to marry someone? That is sickening to me.

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Kendralee* said...

haha.. yeahhh. i dont even really want a ring. every expensive thing i've ever had has either been lost or broken. really. every single thing! crazy, huh. but really.. i think i'll just have to get mine tattooed on :)