Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ten Things I would Like to Say to Ten People

1. I hope my husband doesn't say some of the things you say to her. Cause believe it or not, those words really do hurt.

2. I know I could've come to you, but I really wanted to know that you cared enough to come to me and see if I was really ok.

3. What was so wrong with me?!

4. You helped me so much, but then you hurt me even more.

5. It saddens me to see how much we've grown apart.

6. Would it hurt you to respect me just a little?

7. Your words hurt me for a long time. When I found out how your life went down the tubes, I was kind of glad.

8. Even though I showed the opposite, I was really excited when you proposed to me. And even though I said no, I really wanted to say yes.

9. Lately, you have really been pissing me off.

10. How could it be that you never wanted it but got it, and I've always wanted it and haven't? I am jealous of you sometimes.