Friday, February 20, 2009

In Character

Kerri and I are doing this book together, and this was one of the pages.

I identify with the following Bible character:

I identify with that character because:
I am a server as well, and I have been scolded in the past for serving instead of doing other

If I had the opportunity to invite any Bible character(s) other than Jesus for lunch, I would invite:
Mary (Jesus' mother), Mary Magdalene, Ruth, Esther, Lazarus, John, James, Pontius Pilate,
the thief who went to heaven with Jesus, Barabas, the guard at the crucifiction who said "He
truly is the Son of God"

I would serve:
All kinds of fruit, bread, and mac & cheese

I hope we would talk about:
Anything and everything under the sun

My favorite Bible character sends me emails as a way of passing on his or her life experience to me personally. Today the message was:
Whatever it is that God asks or tells you to do, do it willingly and without question regardless
of what the outcome is for yourself.

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